" YOUR  fitness  ......  is   MY   goal!  "

Ordinary People

Here, I would like to highight the exploits of Ordinary, every day people. Ordinary people who have used Diet, Nutrition & Exercise as a vehicle to accomplish great things.
Ordinary people who have overcome adversity, Ordinary people who have overcome illness, Ordinary people who have risen above extenuating cirumstances. Ordinary people who have the proverbial "Phoenix from the ashes" and not only put the pieces back together but usually in a semblance of order even more pristine than it was before.
These are their stories, told openly, told with passion, told with honesty and sincerity. 
It is hoped that their stories will serve to, in some way comfort, bring hope to and inspire others enduring the same or similar circumstances. It is hoped that these glimpses into lives shattered and then repaired using Diet, Nutrition & Exercise will serve to motivate those of us who are able bodied and yet choose to make excuses.
These stories are shared hoping that simply reading them will light a fire in the belly of each and every reader that motivates them to emulate these feats, thus truly making them EXTRAORDINARY.

Johnathan Roberts