" YOUR  fitness  ......  is   MY   goal!  "


Have you always wanted to treat yourself to a massage but

thought it may be too expensive or something that only

movie stars or the rich and famous enjoy? Or did you once

have regular massages but your schedule no longer allows

you to be able to get to your spa appointments........

Well here is your opportunity to pamper yourself, just like

the rich and famous, in the convenient and familiar

surroundings of your own home....AND at an affordable and

reasonable price!

This is your opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the services

of  a fully trained Massage Therapist & Reflexologist.    Enjoy

full/partial body massages, relieve stress and tension brought

on by the challenges in your work environent or just the

every day stress of life, chronic back ache or just muscular

soreness. Experience the benefits of Reflexology, an ancient

therapy proven to alleviate many common ailments, by the

manipulation of reflex points located in the hands and feet.

Whether singularly or as a package these two therapies

will improve your well being with amazing results.


Full Body Massage**                                      60 minutes                                $  60.00
Partial Body Massage                                  35 minutes                                $  45.00
Sinus Drainage                                                                    20 minutes                               $  20.00
Nifty Neck & Shoulders                     25 minutes                                $  35.00
Upper Back Utopia                                             25 minutes                                $  35.00
Sciatic Soother                                                                     20 minutes                                $ 25.00
**Sessions longer than one hour available in 30 minute increments @ $25.00


Foot Reflexology                                                          20 minutes                                $  25.00
Hand Reflexology                                                     15 minutes                                 $  15.00

Body Therapy

Total Body Exfoliation                            25 minutes                                $  35.00
Mineral Bath                                                                                20 minutes                             $  20.00

Total Body Package

Mineral Bath, Body Exfoliation,
Full Body Massage,
Hand and Foot Reflexology      2.5 hrs.                                               $ 135.00

The PERFECT gift for a SPECIAL someone in your life or a SPECIAL TREAT to yourself.